Gnash Rambler [Explicit]

Gnash Rambler

Gnash Rambler

Freakpuller Records

Release Date: March 31, 2017

Vancouver punk outfit Gnash Rambler’s debut rocks with the tight power of a veteran group.  Maybe it’s because these guys have been around the block already as members of bands such as Betty Kracker, the Pet Fairies and Facepuller.  Their powerful no frills rock pulls influences from notables such as the Misfits, Husker Du, Motorhead, and Canadian kings of punk rock DOA, all of which are displayed proudly.  The quartet serves up twelve songs of aggressive rock that are sure to bring new fans into the fold. 

“No One Gives A Fuck” opens this album with a Misfits style verse that’s reminiscent of the lighter side of the Earth AD album, and smoothly transitions into a Husker Du influenced chorus that would make Bob Mould proud.  The nods to classic punk bands start early, and continue throughout the release.  “Dues and Don’ts” brings to mind DOA and Screeching Weasel.  “Buick Spider/Beyond Our Means” summons the ghosts of the Ramones and Motorhead, with a bit of southern rock flair thrown in.  Rock and alternative influences run through these songs as well, with “Jello Mold” owing a bit of its swagger to Sublime, and “Bad Karma” being a perfect rock track.  Gnash Rambler walks the line between punk rock and post punk rock n’ roll, executing both genres impressively. 

There’s a lot to like on Gnash Rambler’s debut.  Every song is shows an expert execution that belies the album’s status as an initial release.  The vocals are clear and powerful, and the band never lets the energy falter.  While most of the songs mine the best of punk gone by, there is a steady current of straight-ahead rock that flows through every track.  The end result is a riotous set of songs that sound mature, rehearsed, and the perfect mix of punk chaos and slick rock.  Gnash Rambler’s self-titled release is an incredible slab of punk rock that will take the world by storm.

Reviewed by Jim 1340



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