He is Legend


Spinefarm Records

Release Date: 4/28/17


He is Legend is back with the followup to 2014’s Heavy Fruit. This time around, the boys have joined forces with Spinefarm Records and taken their trademark sound up a notch. Boasting the thickest production values they have had in quite some time, Few, is an album full of mudstomps, swamp wailing, and brilliant melodies.  To my ears, this is a very dissimilar album to Heavy Fruit, which surprised me a lot.

Few comes equipped with more than a handful of crisp, clear sounding anthems, beginning with the very first track, “Air Raid.” This track is a Rock and Roll stomper with a chorus full of sludgy piss. It reminds me a bit of Soundgarden’s late career work with all of its vocal mood swinging and musical time changes. “Beaufort,” “Jordan,” and “The Garden,” are riff-laden beasts that sound contemporary, yet distinctly He Is Legend. They are brighter than usual, yet also aggressive and catchy as hell! “The Vampyre” is my favorite track here and, while it also embraces the catchiness of the other tracks I mentioned, it’s a bit more intricate musically and leans more towards the Stoner/Sludge side of the band’s last couple of albums (particularly Heavy Fruit). That said, it’s got a lot more energy than anything on either of those albums.

Meanwhile, the band experiment a bit with the loungey feel of “Fritz the Dog”’s main verses (which are delightfully balanced by the heavy choruses). I’m pretty sure this dog struggles mentally. “Eastern Locust” gives you a little of that acid trip style that is balanced out by a heavy stomp that explodes into a radio-friendly chorus. To be honest, this song sorta blows my mind. It’s brilliant in execution but I bet it looks stupid on paper!

Overall, this is easily one of He is Legend’s best works. It feels a little less-themed than their other albums and I wonder if that isn’t what freed up their sound a bit. The band cover a lot of musical ground here, so much so that I’m surprised mainstream radio hasn’t given some love to a few of the tracks. If you enjoy bands like Wilson, Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, 16, and early between the Buried & Me then you should check out Few. You won’t be disappointed.


Reviewed by mark1340

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