A Perfect Disarray


A Perfect Disarray

InVogue Records

Release Date: April 7, 2017


I love Cleveland, OH and Leav/E/arth (formed in 2011 as Visionaries) is a great example of the diversity this town has to offer. It is a hot bed for all kinds of Rock music, even radio-friendly stuff. This album is full of big, emotional, rockers that continue in the vein that Evanscence, and to some degree Paramore, began exploring years ago.

A Perfect Disarray kicks off with “Memory,” a song that establishes right off the bat that these guys (and girl) can rock. The verses are emotional and dynamic while the chorus comes in and just pounds away at your brain. The rhythm section’s work on this song is particularly hard to get out of your head.  “The Other Side” (which also has a moving piano-led version that ends the album on a somber note) and “Coming Back” utilize a lot of the same elements but the band sound so damn good that they avoid sounding like a one-trick pony.  “Too Far Gone” is the highlight here for me when all is said and done. It’s ambient, slow build is gorgeous and as the song evolves it sort of wraps itself around you. The guitars seamlessly transition from ethereal to aggressive throughout, while the vocals soar above it all.  

Leav/E/arth do an excellent job here of staying focused. They know what they do well and they really embrace it. There aren’t any random attempts at a Metal tune or a straight up Pop tune, which keeps the album flowing and cohesive throughout. I can imagine that this band will evolve a lot but they have certainly introduced themselves by putting their best foot forward. A Perfect Disarray is definitely an album worth your attention.


Reviewed by mark1340

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