The Water

San Cisco

The Water

Island City Records

Release Date: May 5, 2017

San Cisco (originally known as King George) formed in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2009. The four-piece Indie Pop band embrace pretty much everything that is fun about the current Pop scene and then lend it some street cred by embracing off-kilter hooks and quirky production bits. Indie Pop can go wrong for so many reasons, but San Cisco avoid the pitfalls by letting the melody shine through each song on The Water.

While I enjoy this album, it’s the synth pop bits that really get my motor runnin’. The title track is by far my favorite track here. It’s darker than a lot of the other tracks and reminds me of a cross between Client and Gary Numan. “Waiting for the Weekend” has a similar vibe. They are both dark, creative, and poppy as heck. “Make Me Electrify” has a Duran Duran vibe that I really dig, from the electronic drum fills to the haunting and melodic choruses. The head boppin’ “Hey Did I Do You Wrong” is another excellent moment here that is laid back and breezy, but still has a catchy hook.  

Overall I really dig most of this album. I’m not as crazy about the more guitar-driven parts of the album, but those that really dig early Arcade Fire, MGMT, and Foster the People will likely find that those are their favorite parts. No matter how you slice it though, The Water is a pretty fun listen that will definitely appeal to Indie Pop aficionados and Synth lovers (or fans of any of the aforementioned bands).


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