Blue Room

Jonathan Cavier

Blue Room

Peach Candle Flame

Release Date: April 21, 2017

Pop Singer-Songwriter Jonathan Cavier returns with his sophomore release, Blue Room. Cavier showed some promising chops on his debut, Premier, and Blue Room refines his sound a little more, just as I had hoped. Fans may also remember him as one half of Pop duo EyeTalk, whom he toured and recorded with for years. What I like about Cavier’s music is how it transports me back to the songwriting of bands like Mr. Mister, Talk Talk, Go West, with maybe a little Glass Tiger in there as well. Cavier refines that sound a lot here, but he also strips it back, in essence making it much more his own.

“Somebody Like You” is one of my favorite examples.  The gentle sway is a deceiving vehicle for the song, as it travels through intimate lyrical territory that is part love song and part soul-search. The up-tempo “Phoenix” is another highlight. It’s a bit of an odd tune because it features breathy, understated vocals but also has a big anthemic musical feel that sticks with you long after the album has moved on. “Edge of a Singularity” is another moment that certainly stands out to me, partly because it fully embraces everything great about the 80’s Pop scene (keyboards, catchy as hell, and horns!) and partly because it’s instrumental. You just don’t hear many instrumentals on Pop albums and this tune will make you wonder why. Cavier also fully embraces this influence on “Hollywood.”

Of course, the lead single “When You Come Around” is a highlight as well. Cavier lets his voice soar a little more here and it fills out the acoustic base of the song nicely. The song has a beautiful sound that sort of blossoms throughout the journey. It’s hopeful sounding and is another tune that could easily fit into the love song category of any Top 40 station.

Overall, this is a big step from 2016’s Premier. I think the music still sounds a little thin overall, like it’s not sure if it really wants to be Singer-Songwriter or if it wants to go on full on Pop. Either way though, there are some really good songs here that are similar to the aforementioned bands, or maybe a stripped-down version of St. Lucia. If you enjoy any of that, then you should give Blue Room some time.

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