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Release Date: June 3, 2017

If I told you I was talking about a sassy, spastic, innovative hardcore band from San Diego featuring members of influential bands, who comes to mind? No sir, we’re not talking about The Locust here, but instead, these new kids on the block SeeYouSpaceCowboy who are looking to follow in the footsteps of their fellow San Diegans. 

This quintet featuring members of Flowers Taped to Pens, René Descartes and Letters to Catalonia has managed to generate a sound that is modern as heck but still hearkens back to the spastic glory days of Three One G and Gold Standard Labs. The guitar tones are often angular and reminiscent of Arab on Radar or Daughters the sass is early Blood Brothers and The Locust and the breakdowns are pretty much any mallcore band from the early naughts. It’s a blend that works wonders almost all the time. The finest moment on this 7” is for sure the perfect “Pep Talk From a Nihilist” which shows the band at their frenetic best. The title track features some lows that aren’t really my thing, but continue to show this band's versatility.

I haven’t seen any pictures of this gang wearing white belts, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they surface any day now. Get your hands on this 7” or tape while you can so you too can claim you were into this band before they were cool. Supposedly lead singer Connie is shutting down Structures//Agony so maybe you can snag this from them before the label is no more.

Reviewed by Rob 1340


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