Will To Power

Arch Enemy

Will To Power

Century Media


Release Date: September 8, 2017

Although people love to debate it, there is little room to argue over who rules Metal music these days. It’s Arch Enemy, plain and simple. Will To Power is their latest offering, featuring the recorded debut of Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore). It is also their second album to feature vocalist Alissa White-Gluz. I’m not gonna lie, War Eternal is one of my favorite heavy albums ever and it is a lot to follow up.

After a fast-paced intro-mental, the album proper begins with guns blazing. “The Race” immediately sets this album apart from War Eternal with it’s breakneck guitars, and metalcore style breakdowns. It’s a good song and a surprisingly well-done mishmash of styles highlighted by a solo that would be at home on an old Mercyful Fate record.

It’s the marching-paced songs that stand out the most here though. “Blood In The Water,” “The World Is Yours,” (also the album’s first single) and “First Day in Hell” are powerhouse songs that demand to be heard. White-Gluz sounds great on these songs, while also showing that she can do a bit more with her voice than War Eternal led us to believe. The highlight, for me, though is the epic, string-laden “A Fight I Must Win.” Taking the album out on a high note, the band offer something a bit different here as it features a soaring chorus backed by strings and a more rock-oriented guitar sound and style. Honestly, it’s been awhile since Arch Enemy took a chance musically in my opinion, and this is wildly  better than I had even hoped for.

Overall, I don’t quite like this as well as War Eternal but it has definitely grown on me over repeated listens. Over time it has become one of my favorite heavy albums this year. The songs aren’t as immediately striking here, but that makes sense because War Eternal had to do everything right in order for Arch Enemy to move forward. Will To Power is the sound of Arch Enemy moving forward. If you have enjoyed the band’s last few albums then you will certainly find a lot to embrace here as well.


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