Through Worlds Of Stardust


Through Worlds of Stardust

Frontiers Records

So let me take you back to a time when Glam Rock bands were making excellent music that people were disregarding because of their haircuts and ball-buldging pants. Bands like Kingdome Come, Steelheart, Thunder, and pre- The Final Countdown Europe were the very direct descendants of Led Zeppelin and they played their parts really, really well. Enter 2017 and Steelheart proves that they should still be viewed with that kind of regard. Through Worlds of Stardust is a firm reminder that Steelheart was much more of a Rock band than a big ballad machine, despite being known for the latter.

Through Worlds of Stardust is a Rock and Roll album through and through. One listen to the twisted, psychedelic guitar work and sultry vocals of “Stream Line Savings” and you’ll be hooked. The band tear it up from start to finish, taking no prisoners right from the get go. “Come Inside” is another big, ballsy anthem with wicked guitar tones and soloing (as well as classic double entendre!). “Got Me Running” has a bit more of a contemporary sound in that it sounds a bit more textured musically, employing a big hook chorus to work alongside moodier sounding verses.

But where are the big ballads like the one that made them famous?! Have they turned their back on that era? Nope. There are a few of them here (after all they couldn’t leave your girlfriend hanging, right?!).  “With Love We Live Again” stands out from the norm here for it’s orchestration and it’s country-tinged beginnings. It’s coupled with the mid-tempo ballad “Lips of Rain,” which isn’t the album’s best moment in my opinion but it’s closer to what you’ll remember from the radio hits of yesteryear. The piano ballad “I’m So In Love With You” takes the album out in low-key fashion and it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s simple piano and vocal approach is very intimate and it lets the vocals really shine.

If you dig bands like Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake (1986 and on), The Quill, Scorpion Child,  and early 2000’s Enuff Z’Nuff then you’ll certainly find a lot to connect with on Through Worlds of Stardust. This is a great Rock and Roll album that hits all the right high notes and plays like a champion from start to finish.


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