The Effigist

Embrace the Dawn

The Effigist

Self Released

Release date:  November 23, 2017

Some folks prefer straightforward music every time and there is a call for that in metal. Many bands remain true to one genre. But others boast a buffet, a tasting menu, a superb mixture of high-powered perfection. Technical Melodic Death Metal could be the placement for Embrace the Dawn as they achieve such an impressive selection and this is a must have album. This unsigned band has brought together an assortment of songs that won't let down the most demanding audiences. Two years after their first Promo EP their first full length album The Effigist is more than suitable to inaugurate these men to success. Joined by the bands founder, Aussie Ben Tinker on guitar, Embrace the Dawn have enlisted a highly diverse selection of members Denis Landry (Canada) bass, Kevin Talley (USA) drums, and Roger Isaksen (Norway) on vocals.

The Effigist has plenty of technical, thrash, and symphonic metal components.

“Cold Black Hole” starts with a sudden distant industrial voice and haunted by Tinker's solid high pierced riff you will rapidly fall in love with the vocal work. It is catchy, spans all octaves of the throat and authorizes the guitar work to shine. The double bassed Talley gives your ears such a solid workout, and the production is amazing.

“Putrefaction of God” will move you for a few seconds slowly and melancholy and suddenly break out. Isaksen tortures the listener while painting a lyrical picture that is unnerving and drenching with sound. I felt like it is the band presenting itself to the Gods of metal and the listener is sprayed by the works capacity.

“Cerebral Sanitation” is perfect. It has a solid intro moves swiftly into Isaksen punishing your intellect with viscous riffs coupling the act and again it happens this wonderful chorus, symphonic chorus that will not leave your skull. Best song on the album and if they can get the air play, it will get them a sweet deal for another LP!

“The Tide” dazzles with grainy raw guitar and man you start to recognize the creation that went into the composition of this album. I find this piece mirrors the movement of a nighttime tide frightening yet personal.

The Effigist is really a gem. If you love hard work great production melodic tastes and catchy movements purchase this album.

Reviewed by JP1340


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