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Release Date: October 6, 2015

Do the following things appeal to you: spastic staccato drumming, heavily distorted bass lines and tormented screams? If yes, then Zeus! might just be your new favorite band. If not, why don’t you read along a little here and let me try to change your mind.

Motomonotono is the third long player by these Italian math rock aficionados and their second released stateside by Three One G. What you have here is 10 tracks of mostly insane math-rock/noise interspersed with occasional droning noise. Zeus! (from Italy) have been described as having a knack for knowing just how much aural bludgeoning a person can take before shifting directions. That really describes them to a T. Motomonotono is almost monotonous at points, but never gets to the point of being boring. Fans of Holly Hunt and Lightning Bolt will find themselves another friend in Zeus!

To this reviewer the highlights of Motomonotono are the moments when Luca Cavina and Paolo Mongardi lock into a grove together and march in sync. “Colon Hell”, “Krakatoa” and  “Shifting” allo have moments where the bass and drums are in sync together, the stars align, and Zeus! drives you towards the light with mathematical precision. These moments, while not rare, are also not so plentiful that they lose their meaning when they happen. Ultimately the whole record builds to a crescendo with another of these moments at the tail end of “Phase Terminal”. I personally could do without the six minutes of ambient noise that is “Panta Reich” in the middle of the record, but I understand why it’s there and the intent of the track. Vocally Zeus! limits themselves almost exclusively to the aforementioned tormented shrieks and they really don’t need anything more. There is a moment at the end of “Colon Hell” where it sounds like there is a message attempting to be communicated, but it is lost.

The thing about Motomonotono is that it is exciting every time you put it on. There are always new twists, turns and directions for you to discover with each listen. Zeus! has made something bombastic and special; you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Reviewed by: Rob 1340



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