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Release Date: October 9, 2015

I just had the pleasure of listening to one of the most unique sounds in a music composition in the last three decades. Not only unique in this writer's perspective, but also as a journey back to a wondrous time when music was meant to inspire peace, love, and tranquility. Whiskerman's latest work Nomad takes you on that journey.

As I listened to this marvelous piece of work, my first instinct was "Finally, a natural sound that isn't over produced or hindered by piles of electronic enhancement". Nomad is a natural production that you can easily tell. Whiskerman were all present to read of each other's instincts, and play off of it. A necessary trait to pull off a great live performance, and a trait that works well with their style.

Whiskerman somehow pulls of a style that is reminiscent of, I will say, John Lennon meets the later works of the Beatles with the extraordinary harmonies to match. Even the album cover lends credence the style as they’re dressed in a sixties style band attire. Many bands dressed like that in the late sixties, but not many were able to send the message they intended, as does Whiskerman today.

Perhaps one of the most promising aspects of what Whiskerman delivers through song is that they feel it. They have an honest belief in what they're singing. They are quite sincere. Contrary to many bio descriptions I’ve seen regarding this band, they are not a gospel preaching band. Their lyrics are sincere and from the heart, but they are not spreading the word of God in the biblical sense any more than The Edgar Winter Group did with “Free Ride”. Whiskerman have more of a metaphorical approach, and they know how to work it.

The track ”Diamond in the Rough” gives us an insight into something we should all feel; that special niche we have within us., Too often we take it for granted, and never bother to cut and polish. This entire album comes across as if there is a story to tell about all of us. It cannot be coincidental that “Otis” makes you feel like he “Otis” has reached the end of his life, and as he reflects on what was, and what could or should have been. The track “One good way” gives us a look at what we all go through day to day. This whole album tells a story that can only be interpreted by the listening audience; “Deep Surprise” strikes me as *The Other Side of Otis*, and there are times you feel like you are listening to a reincarnated spiritual John Lennon with the mysticism of George Harrison. Nomad is phenomenal.

This is an album you’ll want to listen to from start to finish. The name Nomad speaks volumes about its contents; it has no specific home, it is meant for everyone.


Reviewed by: D 1340


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