Seven Witches

The Way of the Wicked


Release Date: 9/18/15

If you are into traditional metal, chances are you have crossed paths with Seven Witches at some point. For those who need to catch up, the band has long been guitarist Jack Frost’s coolest outlet and the revolving door of musicians is much easier to swallow when you consider it’s not a full time gig. The Way of the Wicked is Seven Witches tenth album and was mixed and mastered by the band’s longtime homeboy and former member, Joey Vera. 

For me, Seven Witches is one of those band’s that you tend to forget a bit in between albums. Their albums are always great big slabs of metal riffs with explosive vocals and when you hear them you sit back and go, “I can’t believe I almost forgot about these guys!” The Way of the Wicked is certainly no different in that respect, however it’s got a decidedly more rock and roll edge to it. 

"Better Daze” is probably the best example of the band’s more laid back approach to the album’s sound. It’s got spacey guitar riffs and gritty, vocals that bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Rival Sons could learn from. The even more classic rock driven “Soul Searching” is like a freight train pulling the groove and one of my favorite songs on the record.

Longtime fans should take note though that the band haven’t abandoned what made them awesome in the first place. “Angel of Salvation” has an early solo Ozzy era feel to it that takes me back to a time when I enjoyed metal music a whole lot more. “The Way of the Wicked” has a great crunch to it and an overall haunting feel that gives it a heavier edge than the other songs. It’s another of the album’s highlights for sure.

Overall, Seven Witches continue their streak of putting out great albums that go largely unnoticed. If you haven’t caught on to these guys yet, this is a solid jumping on point as they show a lot more versatility and virtuosity than they have on their last few releases.


Reviewed by Mark Fisher


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